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1109 Holly St. 
La Marque TX 77568
Tel: 409-797-4292
Fax: 866-587-2032

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Welcome Home


At Sunny & Saima Assisted Living Homes (S&S ALH) - you have a new home away from home. Some know us as Laurel House or Second Seasons. We are here for you, your mom or dad, your aunts, and your uncles in their Second Season of life. 

We help make their Sunset days more pleasant by providing the level of care and comfort they need, by managing any physical disabilities or health-related challenges that seniors may have. 

The facility is fully licensed for 11 residents with a capacity of 12.  

Our Caregivers are well trained and compassionate in dealing with any issues with all 7 ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), namely:

  1. Feeding and Meal Preparation

  2. Transferring

  3. Bathing & Grooming

  4. Toileting & incontinence

  5. Undressing & Dressing

  6. Ambulation or Walking

  7. Memory Care & Stimulation (Dementia and Alzheimer's) 


Care is provided on a 24/7 basis with trained Caregivers working 12-hour shifts and sometimes 8-hour shifts. 

The facility provides 3 meals a day with 1 or 2 snacks per day in-between meals. In addition, services provided include laundry for the residents, medication assistance, and a host of other home and community needs. 


The level of Care helps define the cost of care.

In Houston, Texas, the average cost of care at an Assisted Living Home for seniors with 1 or 2 disabilities that does not include transferring is about $2500 and above per month in a room for two. Those with 3 or more ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) get to pay more than $3,000+ per month. Their ADL issue might include incontinence, transferring, transporting, feeding, bathing/grooming, and dressing. At Sunny & Saima Assisted Living Homes, we can work with you to arrive at a price point that meets your objective and budget. Typically, our price range is from $2250 to $4500 depending on the level of care. On rare occasions, the facility may work out a deal for a senior with fewer issues and good mobility at about $2000, or below. 

There is a non-refundable admission fee of $350 that goes into personalized provisions and management setup for every new resident such as new towel set, bed sheets, & pillowcases, medicine organizers, drinking cups, etc.  


Private Rooms are also available.

For those in need of a private room, the facility has a couple of private rooms that may be available from time to time. Typically private rooms for those with minor ADL issues (2 ADLs) or less, it is $3500 to about $4250 for those with 3 ADLs or more.

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